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Who I am

My nickname on the web is Esy so I thought to name my personal website after it.

This site would be a window into my job and my work, to trace my progress and to hopefully improve. My goal was always to make a profession out of what I love to do. I never wanted my passion for drawing and for games to stay as an hobby.

I invested my past (and present) years to improve, especially with the huge help from the web. It is the best place to find guides, materials and resources. This is one of the reasons why I am happy to live in the 21th century. I am old enough to remember how different it was without it.

I traveled quite a lot. In Italy I was lucky enough to live in Florence for 2 years and in Milan for another 2 years. I lived in Oslo for a while and now I live in Redmond (WA). My resume has all the details about my skills and the jobs I did. If interested, please download it at the following link.

What I do

  • Design

    What brings us to buy somthing? Why do we stop to watch a commercial? Design is important.

  • Code

    How do we make work something nice? How to add functionality to something already appealing? Nothing is more rewarding than giving life to something equally nice and usefull.

  • Share

    Lastly nothing makes sense if you don't share it with somebody else. Everything starts and everything ends with others.

When you like both art and code, web is a lovely deal